Hi guys,


As I'm sure you know Christmas Is the best time of year! (In my opinion anyway) so many things happen in December. Christmas, my birthday and presents! Their all great! But this year something great is happening! Last year it was a Nintendo DSi, and now a Nintendo 3DS! How great is that! I'm still deciding on the colour though, it may be white or red. Do you guys have any ideas on the best colour Nintendo 3DS? If you do, please leave a comment and tell me!


  This time of year is great isn't it! So why not spend some time on your Nintendo 3DS and play the best Nintendo 3DS games online with THE EXPERT! (ME!!!)


Best wishes to you in the festive time of year and I hope you get the best games out there!


The 3DS Master.



Not Long To Go!

Hi guys,


As you all should know, if you read my blog, I am getting a 3DS at Christmas. You should also know that I will then be sending out my friend code of this site so that all mysubscribers can be me friends on the Nintendo 3DS consol.


  Once  get my 3DS I will send my friend code out ASAP. Until then hang on in there welst we wait for the 25th of December 2013 and to keep away from the 2DS. (The latest, and worst, Nintendo consol.


From The 3DS Master